Publicerad: 2012/10/29
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The European Scheduling and Budgeting Workshop

Now going for its 7th edition, Production Value is an eight-day residential workshop on scheduling and budgeting
European feature films with budgets ranging from 2,5 to over 10 million Euro.

Working in teams of two, Junior Line Producers and Junior Assistant-Directors from all over Europe are assigned real projects in development, brought to the workshop by their Directors and Producers. The teams are coached by top-level European Line Producers and 1st Assistant-Directors. Emphasis is on understanding different working conditions in Europe, and on the best practical and creative solutions. That’s what makes Production Value so special. Directors and Producers of the projects play an important part in the process: they join the workshop towards the end to discuss the various concepts, options and results. The workshop is completed by plenary sessions dedicated to general topics related to line producing and assistant directing, as well as case studies by the Seniors. A growing success initiative within the European film industry, Production Value is also a unique training model involving a situation so close to the real conditions that you won’t forget!

This year again, we reduced the participation fee for independent technicians and we offer four scholarships to participants from one of the twelve new EU member states (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) or from Croatia or from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This 8-day European training workshop is proposed by FOCAL (Switzerland), the Swedish Film Institute, the Austrian Film Institute and the Norwegian Film Institute and supported by MEDIA Training and the Canton of Valais (Switzerland).

For additional details, registration and making-of of the previous editions of this program, consult

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Här är alla vinnare i Riagalan 2024

Sveriges bästa kreatörer, medarbetare och upphovsmakare inom svensk tv har utsetts, i kväll mottog 13 värdiga vinnare Ria-statyetten på Riagalan 2024. Riagalan som hyllar alla insatser inom svensk tv-produktion gic...

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Medlemsträff 23 april - Save the date

Den 23 april bjuder vi in alla medlemmar till AW på Hotel Diplomat. Kom och lyssna på kvällen gäster: Anna Croneman, tillträdande VD Svenska Filminstitutet Hanna Riberdahl, VD Sveriges Annonsörer Samtalsledare...

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Inspirationsdag om hållbar film- och tv-produktion

Välkommen till en inspirerande eftermiddag med ekologisk hållbarhet i fokus! Ta del av intressanta case studies från bland annat Young Ro...

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Sofie Palage tillträder som produktionschef för Warner Bros. International Television Production Sverige

Den 13 februari 2024 tillkännages Sofie Palage som produktionschef för dramaavdelningen vid Warner Bros. International Television Producti...

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Svenska kulturella och kreativa branscher uppmanar regeringen att godkänna AI-förordningen

Brev från representanter för Sveriges kreativa branscher inför beslut om AI-förordningen vid COREPER-mötet nu på fredag den 2 februari...

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